The "What is Money?" Show

The Mythos | The Vervaeke Series | Episode 8 (WiM063)

Episode Notes

John Vervaeke joins me for a deep conversation exploring his work as a cognitive scientist and his YouTube lecture series "Awakening from the Meaning Crisis."

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Introduction to The Power of Mythology
00:03:25 Logos vs. Mythos
00:05:16 The Metaphor
00:06:42 Metaphor, Insight Realization, and Humor
00:09:46 Metaphor and Cross-Domain Insight “Explosion”
00:10:53 Metaphor’s Connection to Procedural Knowledge
00:13:00 “Understanding, Grasping, Getting, and Seeing”
00:14:44 Relevance Realization: “Game Theory All The Way Down”
00:16:14 The Symbol
00:17:26 “How to Hold Justice In Mind”
00:18:32 The Cerebellum: Justice, Voluntary Movement, and Balance
00:19:56 Perspectival Knowing: Holding “Justice is Blind” in Mind
00:21:50 “You Don’t Just Know About Balance, You Enact It”
00:23:24 Proprioception: To Be “In Touch” With Something
00:24:19 How Things Shape the Mind: Material Engagement Theory
00:27:12 The Imaginal
00:29:50 “Trying on a Worldview”: Imaginal Augmentation of Reality
00:32:36 Virtue and the Construction of Sacred Canopies
00:33:52 NYDIG
00:35:02 Virtue is the Beauty of Wisdom
00:36:22 Supernatural Selection: The Human Capacity for “Religio”
00:37:57 “Narrative Turns You Into a Temporally-Extended Agent”
00:38:39 Personal Identity is Apriori and Allows for Aspiration
00:40:28 “Why A Dog Can Never Tell You About Its Parents…”
00:42:44 Mythos: A Psychotechnology for Perennial and Pertinent Patterns
00:44:08 Mythos in Action: Predator Emulating Prey
00:46:26 “A Dream is a Private Myth; A Myth is a Public Dream”
00:48:32 Alchemy Was the Dream from which Science Was Born
00:50:27 The Interdependence of The Mythos and The Logos
00:51:47 Metabolic Work and Reversal Theory; Goals and Activities
00:55:06 Play vs. Candy
00:57:06 “Play Relates to The Eternal; Work Relates to The Immortal”

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