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WiM054 - The Vervaeke Series | Episode 5 | A Psychotechnological Theory of Money

Episode Summary

John Vervaeke joins me for a deep conversation exploring his work as a cognitive scientist and his YouTube lecture series "Awakening from the Meaning Crisis."

Episode Notes

John Vervaeke joins me for a deep conversation exploring his work as a cognitive scientist and his YouTube lecture series "Awakening from the Meaning Crisis."

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:05 NYDIG
00:01:23 The Mind as a Map of the Universe
00:05:29 The Recurrent Patterns in Nature
00:06:58 “Agency All The Way Down”
00:11:28 Serving What’s True, Good, and Beautiful
00:12:19 Synchronicity: The Acausal Principle
00:16:44 The Flow State: An Optimization of Adaptivity
00:17:52 Circumambulation
00:23:18 A Causes B; B Values Precondition A
00:24:45 Emergence and Emanation: Matter and Principles
00:27:31 Possibility and Actuality are Co-Determining
00:29:46 Homemaking vs. House-Building
00:33:37 Material Engagement Theory
00:34:54 Software and Hardware: Multiple Realizability
00:37:05 Human and Tool Reciprocity; The Stroop Effect
00:41:17 Mimesis, Self-Reflection, and Mindfulness
00:42:57 Distributed Cognition and Captaining the Ship
00:43:33 Social Institutions: Psychotechnologies Externalized?
00:46:06 Price Signals and Mead’s “Generalized Other”
00:50:45 The Generalizability and Discrimination Tradeoff
00:53:02 Does the Corruption of Money Corrupt Humanity?
00:59:22 The Social Utility of Religion and Institutions
01:03:10 Money as the Base Layer Protocol for Human Action
01:05:47 Central Banking Twists Distributed Cognition
01:07:25 Hyperbolic Discounting, Time Preference, and Consumerism
01:09:36 Central Banking Causes Capital Destruction and Politicization
01:13:22 Psychotechnological Disruption of Social Institutions
01:15:16 Politics as the Ethics of Distributed Cognition
01:18:04 Politics as Imposable Opinion
01:21:37 Bitcoin Moves Markets Away from the Threat of Force
01:27:41 Bitcoin: The Incorruptible Game of Money
01:29:59 “Parable of the Winemaker”: A Corruption of Money and Morality
01:36:04 Exploring the Languages of Value and Cognition
01:38:13 “Words are the Coinage of Thought”
01:41:12 Industrial Revolution and the Abolition of Slavery
01:45:55 Corruption of Money and the Meaning Crisis
01:55:39 Humans are “Natural-Born Cyborgs”

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