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Violence and Societal Origins | The "Things Hidden..." Series | Episode 2 (WiM249)

Episode Summary

Johnathan Bi, Founder of Opto Investments joins me for this detailed conversation on the book, "Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World" by René Girard.

Episode Notes

Johnathan Bi, Founder of Opto Investments joins me for this detailed conversation on the book, "Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World" by René Girard.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro Music
00:00:08 “What is Money?” Intro Message
00:00:54 Learn about Bitcoin with Swan Private at SwanPrivate.Com
00:01:48 Do More with Your Digital Assets with Ledn
00:02:33 Introducing Johnathan Bi
00:04:55 Johnathan's Relationship with Girard
00:07:39 TLDR: Girard's Thesis
00:10:07 "The Desire to Be"
00:13:33 Defining "Mimetic"
00:17:55 Mirrored Neurons 
00:20:04 Mimetic Desire, Social Inflammation, and the Forming of Organizations
00:26:26 The Line Between Living and Non-Living
00:28:07 Defining "Objects" and "Models"
00:31:58 Gaining an Openness to Mimesis
00:36:17 “You Become the Average of the Five People You Spend Most of Your Time With”
00:39:40 How Christs' Teachings Limit Mimetic Desires
00:43:04 Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth
00:44:05 A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet
00:44:41 Invest in the Fine Art Market with Masterworks
00:45:16 Hold Bitcoin is the Most Secure Custody Model with Casa
00:46:09 “Scapegoat Mechanism”
00:53:35 Is the Scape Goat Mechanism Natural or Artificial?
00:56:50 The Apocalyptic Paradox
00:59:27 The Revelation of Logical Inclusion
01:03:20 Revelations of Christ Protecting Victims
01:10:00 Corrupting Narratives Due to the Scapegoat Mechanism
01:14:00 "Competition Proceeds Scarcity"
01:17:32 Apocalypse and War
01:26:46 The Turning Point in Society
01:33:30 Innovations and Technological Revolutions
01:36:00 Girard's Account on the Origin of Money
01:42:18 Where to Find Johnathan's Work
01:43:30 "What is Money" Outro Music

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