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The Truth is Defenseless | The Platonic Philosophy Series | Episode 4 (WiM205)

Episode Notes

In this special edition series, I will be joined by multiple thinkers and philosophers to discuss Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophy. This ongoing series of conversations will focus on the nature of goodness, truth, justice, freedom, beauty, reason, and love. My first guest in this series is the eminent cognitive scientist and philosopher John Vervaeke, and we examine D.C. Schindler's masterpiece "Plato's Critique of Impure Reason: On Goodness and Truth in the Republic."

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Plato's Critique of Impure Reason:'s%20Critique%20of%20Impure%20Reason%20offers%20a%20dramatic%20interpretation%20of,real%20image%22%20of%20the%20good.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Swan Private
00:01:37 The Truth is Defenseless
00:07:00 “Knowledge is About Evidence, but Understanding is About Relevance”
00:12:27 The Self as the Through-Line Within Which Aspires to Through-Line into Reality
00:16:34 Metacognition: Self-Reflection as the Internalization of the Perspectives of Others
00:21:56 Exploring the Relationship Between the Soul and the Real, and Property
00:32:37 The Ecstatic Moment and the Impossibility of a “Perfect” Metaphysics
00:38:44 A Paradox of Perspective: Science Cannot be Defended Scientifically
00:42:44 The Pure Consciousness Event: Adverbial Overriding Adjectival Experience
00:52:22 “Is-Ness”: Where Becoming and Being, Relative and Absolute, Converge
00:56:10 Multiple Object Tracking Experiments: Seeing Quantity over Quality
00:59:39 “Precisely What is Most Important Cannot Be Said…”
01:06:10 Watch “Hard Money with Natalie Brunell” From Swan Studios
01:06:55 Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth
01:08:04 Goodness as the Cause of Truth
01:10:44 The Etymological Root of “Intelligence”: “To Read Between the Lines”
01:17:35 Property, The Law, and Religion as a Meta-Meaning System
01:28:25 Why Do We Punish Treason? Human History in the Cave of Statism
01:33:19 Playing in the Platonic Dojo: Toward a Just Apprehension of Money
01:38:14 Money and Religion: Systems for Cost-Effectively Scaling Trust?
01:41:33 Post-Statism: An Absolute 21M Bitcoin to Replace the Specter of Death?
01:48:44 Could Debasing Currency be Catalyzing Misology?
01:56:44 Does Bitcoin Put Power in Service to Reason?
01:59:04 The “In-Itself-Ness” to Bitcoin that We Can’t Mess With…
02:08:45 Could Bitcoin Be the Platonic Form of Money?
02:16:34 The Inadequacy and Indispensability of Images
02:18:51 A Dramatic Literary Structure Mapping Onto Feedback-Driven, Complex Reality
02:27:22 Reading the Platonic Dialogues as a Spiritual Exercise…
02:35:09 The Interpenetration of Rationality and Ritual: A Dramatic Enacted Mythos
02:38:27 Distinguishing the Imaginary from the Imaginal: A Sailboat vs Toddler Zorro
02:52:12 “What is Money?” Outro

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