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A Logic of Violence | The Platonic Philosophy Series | Episode 1 (WiM202)

Episode Notes

In this special edition series, I will be joined by multiple thinkers and philosophers to discuss Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophy. This ongoing series of conversations will focus on the nature of goodness, truth, justice, freedom, beauty, reason, and love. My first guest in this series is the eminent cognitive scientist and philosopher John Vervaeke, and we examine D.C. Schindler's masterpiece "Plato's Critique of Impure Reason: On Goodness and Truth in the Republic."

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Plato's Critique of Impure Reason:'s%20Critique%20of%20Impure%20Reason%20offers%20a%20dramatic%20interpretation%20of,real%20image%22%20of%20the%20good.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Swan Private
00:01:37 Introducing the Book “Plato’s Critique of Impure Reason”
00:04:40 The Central Argument of the Book: Enriching Our Understanding of Reason
00:08:34 Ratio (Science and Rationality) and Religio (Connectedness and Religion)
00:11:22 Love as a Proper Proportioning in Service of the Whole
00:15:15 The Deeper Meaning of Reason: “Love for What Is Real”
00:18:09 A Return to the Contemplative, Non-Computational Account of Reason
00:30:15 The Elusive “I”: The Impossibility of Framing the Process of Framing
00:35:53 Theoria: To Contemplate, to Look in the Right Way, to Travel to See
00:40:22 Misology: The Total Abandonment of Reason
00:49:00 How Theory Shapes the Interpretation of Our Perceptions
00:55:45 The Absolute Simultaneously Transcends and Includes the Relative
01:09:15 The Inspiration of John’s Neologism “Transjective”
01:13:39 The Trivialization of Reason, Intellectual Impatience, and Hyperbolic Discounting
01:22:14 Watch “Hard Money with Natalie Brunell” From Swan Studios
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01:24:09 Printing Money Causes People to Lose Perspective on the Whole?
01:28:16 Intellectual Impatience, Misology, and Totalitarianism
01:34:10 “The Dictator Wins if He Can Make Everybody as Impulsive as Him”
01:38:22 The Significance of Plato and the Idea of “The Good”
01:45:44 The Good: The Unbreakable Promise of Intelligibility Always Tracking Reality
01:50:43 Science is Based on the Ongoing Faith that Reality is Intelligible
01:57:00 The Through-Line as the True-Line: Is There Universal Darwinism?
02:03:34 The Distortions of Our Present “Cultural Cognitive Grammar”
02:07:26 The Relationship Between the Dialectical and the Dialogical
02:16:48 The Degree of Dialogical Connection Increases Collective Intelligence
02:19:49 Entering Chapter 1: A Logic of Violence
02:30:48 Substituting Faithfulness to The Logos with Totalizing Knowledge Brings Violence
02:39:17 “Hitler Came to Power for A Reason”
02:46:38 Using “Flatland” to Analogize the Transcendence of The Good
02:56:28 “What is Money?” Outro

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