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Toxic Bitcoin Maximalism with Cory Klippsten (WiM197)

Episode Notes

CEO & Co-Founder of Swan Bitcoin, Cory Klippsten joins me again for another great conversation about the culture of Bitcoin, the "sunk cost" fallacy within crypto projects & how to best deal with "Bitcoin Toxicity" & ask, is it useful?

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00:00:00 “What is Money” Intro
00:00:08 Learn about Bitcoin with Swan Private at SwanPrivate.Com
00:01:37 Discussing their thoughts on why Nassim Taleb is "Anti-Bitcoin"
00:12:47 "Pacific Bitcoin Conference" brought to you by Swan Bitcoin!
00:14:06 Discussing "Dogmatism" & how people can be Dogmatic toward Bitcoin
00:27:05 Discussing Bitcoin Culture Online vs In-Person
00:32:57 Is there anything that could happen to change your mind on Bitcoin?
00:37:39 How does Inflation Affect Bitcoin & Crypto?
00:41:44 How do you Define, "Shitcoins"
00:50:32 Discussing the Economic & Moral Case for Bitcoin vs Altcoins
01:06:56 The Opportunity Costs of Crypto vs Bitcoin
01:10:29 Is "Bitcoin Toxicity" Positive?
01:22:24 Watch "Hard Money with Natalie Brunell" From Swan Studios
01:23:11 Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth
01:24:19 Discussing the "Sunk Cost" Fallacy with Crypto Projects
01:27:33 Nic Carter, VC Investments, Dealing with Criticism & Creating "Call Option Value" off of Notoriety
01:51:23 Robert's Experience in Dealing with Toxicity vs Nic Carter's
01:59:52 Is Crypto a threat to Bitcoin & Why is it a Net-Negative?
02:04:08 Discussing, What is "Bitcoin Toxicity" & How to use it Effectively
02:10:22 Would "Bitcoin Toxicity" be needed on a "Bitcoin Standard"?
02:15:31 Common Personality Traits among Bitcoiners
02:21:39 How Labels bring on the "Ego" vs "Productivity"
02:25:55 How the Bitcoin Community helps Progress Ideas
02:37:27 Final Thoughts from Cory Klippsten
02:43:39 "What is Money" Outro

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