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The Psychological Tools of CIA Operatives with Andrew Bustamante (WiM328)

Episode Summary

Andrew Bustamante joins me to discuss his life in the CIA, the current geopolitical issues, conspiracy theories, and how to become an everyday spy.

Episode Notes

Andrew Bustamante joins me to discuss his life in the CIA, the current geopolitical issues, conspiracy theories, and how to become an everyday spy. 

Andrew Bustamante is a US Air Force Academy graduate, former covert CIA intelligence officer, decorated wartime military veteran, and successful Fortune 10 corporate advisor. 

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// OUTLINE // 
00:00:00 - Coming up 
00:00:49 - Intro 
00:02:23 - Helping Lightning Startups with In Wolf's Clothing 
00:03:08 - Introducing Andrew Bustamante 
00:04:11 - The Career Background of Andrew Bustamante 
00:08:31 - Money is an Opportunity 
00:11:07 - Equal Opportunity is a Fiction 
00:14:49 - Instead of Equality, We Need Fairness 
00:18:21 - How Equality Can Lead to Unfairness 
00:21:26 - The Question of Gender Fluidity 
00:23:32 - Productivity Should Be the Ultimate Goal 
00:26:41 - The Story of Everyday Spy 
00:31:00 - Category of Spy Tools and Skills 
00:33:04 - Skills Get Embedded into the Spies 
00:35:26 - Good Business leads to Good Productivity 
00:37:00 - Introduction to Everyday Espionage 
00:38:44 - The Correlation between Everyday Spy and Everyday Espionage 
00:41:52 - The Secret to Disguises 
00:43:11 - China: The Next Global Superpower? 
00:48:27 - The Geopolitical Situation of Taiwan 
00:53:20 - How the U.S. is Responding to Technological War 
00:55:54 - Digital War between the U.S. and China 
01:00:09 - Maximize Your Profits with Gold Investment Letter 
01:01:06 - Secure Your Bitcoin Stash with the iCoin Hardware Wallet 
01:02:03 - Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth 
01:03:04 - Will the Semiconductor Business Lead to A Conflict? 
01:05:21 - Decentralized Economy Deters Military Warfare 
01:08:21 - How to Counter the Drawbacks of Decentralization 
01:11:40 - Bitcoin is a Net Benefit for Humanity 
01:14:34 - The Social Triangle: Increased Efficiency but Decreased Freedom 
01:19:06 - Slavery is Imprinted in Human History 
01:21:18 - Human Condition: A Battle between Thriving and Surviving 
01:28:57 - How Bitcoin Shifts the Balance of Power 
01:34:43 - The Actual Situation of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict 
01:39:54 - Economic Motivations for Armed Conflict 
01:43:52 - How Supply Chain Will Impact Future Conflicts 
01:45:30 - How an Average Person Can Defy the Uncertain Future 
01:49:38 - We Need to Invest in Unseizable Assets 
01:51:30 - Government's Broken Incentives and Incompetence 
01:55:57 - The Recipe for Conspiracy and Self-Deception 
01:58:42 - Debugging Some Conspiracy Theories 
02:04:55 - The Economic Incentive behind the Moon Landing 
02:06:58 - A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet 
02:07:50 - Hold Bitcoin in the Most Secure Custody Model with Casa 
02:08:38 - The Significance of Learning Thy Enemy 
02:15:04 - We Bend the Truth to Justify our Action 
02:18:47 - Human PSYOPS: The Constant Need for Acceptance 
02:21:37 - Espionage is the Game of Secret Life 
02:26:46 - Know Like Trust: The Process of Infiltrating or Protecting the Secret Life 
02:30:38 - The Framework of Discussing the Secret Life 
02:31:44 - The Core Motivators to Control Human Behaviors 
02:38:06 - The Ideology of Money 
02:40:50 - How the CIA Transformed Andrew Bustamante 
02:45:28 - The Life after the CIA 
02:48:09 - Unplugged Moments from the Matrix 
02:49:01 - Future Life Goals of Andrew 
02:52:51 - Where to Find Andrew on the Internet 

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