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The Problems with Price Inflation | The Twilight of Gold Series | Episode 11 (WiM182)

Episode Notes

My friend and fellow student of money codenamed "Lester" joins me for a multi-episode conversation exploring the excellent book "The Twilight of Gold" by Melchior Palyi.

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00:00:00 “What is Money” Intro
00:00:08 Learn about Bitcoin with Swan Private at SwanPrivate.Com
00:01:37 Power of Choice & the Inability to Change People by Force
00:07:21 Learning about Bitcoin requires "Proof Of Work"
00:10:09 Explaining America's Financial Balance Sheet
00:14:16 Answering, "What are the Big Threats to Bitcoin?"
00:17:41 Being Anonymous & Discussing Bitcoin Supply
00:22:33 Explaining "Loan to Value Ratio"
00:28:35 Discussing the Fed's Conondrum
00:33:04 Central Banking Experiment
00:36:17 The Breakdown of the Credit System in London during WW1
00:40:28 Future of Bitcoin Transactions, KYC & Holding Hard Money during Hyper-Inflation
00:44:36 National Debt & Expansion of the Money Supply during WW1
00:51:22 Watch "Hard Money with Natalie Brunell" From Swan Studios & Bitcoin Magazine
00:52:08 Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth
00:53:17 Occam's Razor with Money Printing & Inflation
00:57:17 Praxeology, The Study of Human Action
01:00:22 Inflation & Currency Devaluation in Germany during WW1
01:08:16 People not understanding Unit Bias & Humans innate desire for "NGU"
01:13:12 Why Inflation can't be undone without paying back the Debt
01:19:48 Asset Inflation Hypnotizing people with "NGU"
01:22:08 Explaining the Issues with Price Inflation
01:25:29 Money Printing leading to Misallocation of Capital
01:32:10 Moving into a Bitcoin Standard while needing to hold Dollars
01:40:10 How Bitcoin Incentivizes Economic Gain for Society
01:44:45 "What is Money" Outro

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