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The Nature of Energy with Michael Saylor (WiM314)

Episode Summary

In this episode, Michael Saylor joins me to discuss the nature of energy, the history of human power projection, the source of anxiety in today's world, and the necessity for Bitcoin adoption in cyberspace.

Episode Notes

In this episode, Michael Saylor joins me to discuss the nature of energy, the history of human power projection, the source of anxiety in today's world, and the necessity for Bitcoin adoption in cyberspace.

Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur, executive, inventor, author, and philanthropist.

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// OUTLINE // 
00:00:00 - Coming up 
00:01:24 - Intro 
00:02:57 - Helping Lightning Startups with In Wolf's Clothing 
00:03:44 - Introducing Michael Saylor 
00:04:14 - What is the Nature of Energy? 
00:08:53 - The Universal Source of Life 
00:09:44 - Energy in the World of Engineering 
00:14:24 - How Humans have been Projecting Power Throughout History 
00:21:32 - Bitcoin Mining is Digital Power 
00:22:59 - How to Generate 200 Mega Watts of Power Continuously 
00:25:45 - The Most Powerful are the Most Energy Efficient 
00:29:52 - Channeling the Energy Prior to the Revolutionary War 
00:32:24 - The Importance of Nutritional Energy 
00:36:14 - The Low Energy Culture vs. the High Energy Culture 
00:38:27 - Manufacturing as a Way to Channel the Energy 
00:39:09 - The Concentration of Power in Banking 
00:42:05 - Constructing Centralized Political Authority 
00:46:02 - "You May Not Be Interested in War, but the War is Interested in You" 
00:47:26 - The Conundrum of Decentralized Vs. Centralized Societies 
00:49:47 - Maximize Your Profits with Gold Investment Letter 
00:50:43 - Secure Your Bitcoin Stash with the iCoin Hardware Wallet 
00:51:41 - Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth 
00:52:42 - A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet 
00:53:34 - The Vectors of Vice 
00:56:10 - The Monopoly on Bread, Hats, and the Hudson River 
00:59:56 - The Tax on the Free Market 
01:02:44- The Pendulum Swings of Power 
01:07:20 - The Source of Anxiety and Instability in Today's World 
01:10:07 - The Shift of Power during the 20th Century 
01:11:49 - What Will Determine the Wars in the 21st Century 
01:15:07 - The Swarm of Bionic Hornets 
01:17:32 - What Could Change the Eternal Fight over Property? 
01:18:50 - The Never-Ending Struggle 
01:20:30 - The Swarm Cybernetic Warfare 
01:23:06 - Who Controls Cyberspace? 
01:24:35 - The Problem with Filtering Out the Truth 
01:30:31 - How to Secure Cyberspace 
01:32:26 - The Problem with Nostr 
01:33:53 - The Orange Check 
01:36:14 - The Fragility of the Current Cyberspace Verification Tools 
01:39:35 - The Need for Real-World Consequences in Cyberspace 
01:40:35 - The Most Powerful Cybernetwork 
01:41:06 - What to Put Behind the Wall of Encrypted Energy 
01:43:09 - The Anti-Counterfeit Technology 
01:43:58 - The Infiltration of Cybersecurity Systems 
01:45:12 - Who's Securing the Security Update? 
01:47:28 - The Necessity for Bitcoin Adoption in the Cyberspace 
01:51:57 - A Chance to Win Discounted Tickets to the Bitcoin 2023 Conference and 10M SATS 
01:52:52 - Hold Bitcoin in the Most Secure Custody Model with Casa 
01:53:40 - Will the Nation States Adopt Bitcoin? 
01:54:21 - It Takes a While for the Military to Modernize 
01:59:29 - The Need for an Open Standard of Digital Authentication 
02:05:19 - Bitcoin is a Cyber Defense System 
02:07:21 - The Superhero Theory 
02:08:36 - The Biggest Strategic Advantage of the U.S. 
02:10:10 - An Autoimmune Disease in the Cyberspace 
02:10:56 - The Only Successful Cyber Security System 
02:11:31 - You Don't Want a Cyber System Based Upon Human Virtue 
02:15:49 - What it Takes to Attack Bitcoin 
02:18:08 - Why Proof of Stake Doesn't Work 
02:18:56 - "There is Only One Way to Play the Game" 
02:21:57 - How the U.S. Could Make 100 Billion Dollars Overnight 
02:24:00 - "If You Don't Have Power, There is No Hope for You" 
02:25:58 - Bitcoin Solved the Problem of Truth and Integrity 
02:27:24 - Are Ordinals Good or Bad for Bitcoin? 
02:29:13 - The Public Key Cryptography in The Ancient World 
02:31:52 - The World Needs Bitcoin 
02:36:37 - Where to Find Saylor's Work 

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