The "What is Money?" Show

Responsibility as the Art of Freedom with Russell Lacour (WiM084)

Episode Notes

Russell Lacour joins for me a mind-expanding exploration of the book “Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy," focusing on the nature of individual self-responsibility and freedom.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:16 The Function of the Guru
00:02:19 The Market is a Psychological Drama
00:06:54 Responsibility: The Ability to Choose How to Respond
00:12:48 Bitcoin is an Inverse Ponzi Scheme
00:18:52 Is a Post-Money World Possible?
00:25:33 Yoga as Self-Transformation
00:31:12 Consciousness as the Universe Engaged in Self-Reflection
00:35:29 At the Edge of Eternity is the Unity of Opposites
00:41:32 Inner Engineering as the “User Manual” to Self
00:44:12 Love as Human Possibility, Rooted in Limitation
00:50:33 The Metaphysics of “Something and Nothing”
00:58:03 Death, Sleep, the Sacred
01:06:51 Thinking is Separating; Feeling is Unifying
01:12:23 Tantra: A Technique or Technology
01:19:35 Economizing and Amplifying Access to Dopamine
01:28:52 GPS: “Guru Pathfinding System”
01:36:17 “The Way is in Training”
01:45:40 “A Free Mind Never Concludes”
01:47:17 NYDIG
01:48:26 The Nature of Choice in The Digital Age
01:56:48 All Value Creation Requires Voluntary Action
02:05:18 “If Money Were No Object, How Would You Spend Your Life?”
02:07:48 The Quicker You Take Responsibility, The Better the Outcome
02:16:24 The Only Two Things We Can Control in Life: Effort and Attitude
02:24:24 “The Mind is a Great Servant, but a Terrible Master”
02:28:58 Material Engagement Theory and The Mind/Matter Continuum
02:37:19 Responsibility as the Art of Freedom
02:45:00 Fiat Money as a Means of Enslavement
02:56:21 A Purpose of Bitcoin: Highlighting the Flaws of Fiat
03:04:08 Inflation and Taxation as Dials for Turning Up Slavery
03:12:08 The Ability to Respond it the Basis of Life
03:20:52 Private Property is the Basis of Responsibility and Freedom
03:29:10 Taxpayers: The Crop Harvested by Statism
03:34:19 Bitcoin Reinstitutes Responsibility in the World

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