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Regulated Bitcoin vs. Real Bitcoin with Obi Nwosu (WiM233)

Episode Notes

CEO & Co-Founder of Fedimint, Obi Nwosu, joins me for an in-depth conversation on how his protocol "Fedi" is helping Bitcoin fight against regulatory capture by creating a new protocol that allows for trust-minimized custody, privacy, and payments.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro Music
00:00:08 “What is Money?” Intro Message
00:00:54 Join me at The Pacific Bitcoin Conference 2022 in LA!
00:01:48 Do More with Your Digital Assets with Ledn
00:02:18 Regulated Bitcoin vs. Real Bitcoin: Why the Future Market Could Be Divided
00:16:24 "Don't Trust, Verify"
00:26:54 "First They Ignore You, Then They Laugh At You, Then They Fight You, Then You Win."
00:36:46 Defending Bitcoin Against Regulatory Attacks
00:47:06 Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth
00:48:08 A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet
00:48:43 Learn about Bitcoin with Swan Private at SwanPrivate.Com
00:49:37 Invest in the Fine Art Market with Masterworks
00:50:13 Hold Bitcoin is the Most Secure Custody Model with Casa
00:51:01 "Bitcoin Succeeds by Surviving" - How Fedi Is Helping Bitcoin Succeed
01:02:00 How Would An Attack on Bitcoin Succeed?
01:12:13 Where to Find Obi's Work
01:12:57 “What is Money?” Outro Music

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