The "What is Money?" Show

Psychedelics, Money, and Language with Erik Dale (WiM338)

Episode Summary

Erik Dale joins me to discuss the nature of language, the realm of psychedelics, and the ontological status of Bitcoin.

Episode Notes

Erik Dale joins me to discuss the nature of language, the realm of psychedelics, and the ontological status of Bitcoin. 

Erik Dale is a communication professional and Bitcoin expert. He is the founder of, Norway's common arena for Bitcoin. 

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// OUTLINE // 
00:00 - Coming up 
00:39 - Intro 
02:12 - Helping Lightning Startups with In Wolf's Clothing 
02:59 - Introducing Erik Dale 
04:04 - Defenestration 
05:11 - The History of Defenestration 
06:12 - The 30-Year War 
09:34 - The Nature of Language 
11:50 - The Insufficiency of Language 
14:23 - The Impact of Changing Language 
17:18 - Words and their meanings 
18:28 - Maximize Your Profits with Gold Investment Letter 
19:25 - Secure Your Bitcoin Stash with the iCoin Hardware Wallet 
20:21 - Possibility of Self-Improvement 
22:58 - Interpreting the Meaning of GOD 
27:06 - What is Money?: A Question with Many Answers 
30:27 - The Truth of Price 
32:26 - Importance of Finding the Truth 
35:10 - A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet 
36:01 - Hold Bitcoin in the Most Secure Custody Model with Casa 
36:50 - The Realm of the Psychedelics 
39:23 - The Default Mode Network 
41:56 - The Psychedelic Experience of Bitcoin 
45:32- The Reasoning of Nature 
46:28 - Individualism and Private Property Rights 
48:32 - Individual Sovereignty and Fulfillment of Responsibility 
51:34 - The Illusion of Separateness and the Continuum of Flow 
54:44 - What is Bitcoin? 
58:06 - Where to Find Erik on the Internet

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