The "What is Money?" Show

Philosophy Resolves Conflict with Tuur Demeester (WiM159)

Episode Notes

Tuur Demeester joins me for a conversation on philosophy, argumentation ethics, and the 4 causes of conflict and universal solutions in relation to property and self-ownership.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Are We Philosophical or Philosophers?
00:06:41 Tuur Reflects on How Philosophy and Bitcoin Entered His Life
00:13:42 “The Most Painful Thing to Lose Are Illusions”
00:20:20 Touching on the Root of Fiat as an Expression of Fear
00:23:20 Tuur Demystifies the Way to Study Philosophy
00:27:48 Reading is Not Page 1 to Page 100: Deviate, Target, Access Multiple Sources
00:34:26 The Value of Books That Are Not Bestsellers
00:38:16 Where Does Knowledge Go if it is Only Thought and Not Conveyed…
00:44:21 Defining the Philosophy of Law Ties in With Political Philosophy
00:49:40 Touching on the Paradox of Contract and Conflict
00:52:55 Philosophers Behind Argumentation Ethics and the Universal Causes of Conflict
00:56:05 Fighting Over a Steak: 4 Causes of Conflict and 4 Universal Solutions Explained
01:03:44 Applying Universal Solutions to Humanize Political Factions
01:07:15 Left/Right is a Useful Fiction for the Collective Narrative, Not the Individual
01:11:41 Scale Variance of Compassion and Unity in Human Society
01:15:20 Cultural vs. Individual Software: One is Necessary, One is Self-Autonomy
01:25:34 Do We Self-Program to Fear or Reciprocal Love?
01:28:53 NYDIG
01:30:00 Revisiting Fiat as an Expression of Fear
01:33:50 Property in Relation to Individual Self-Ownership: Are We Self-Owned?
01:42:53 The Printing Press Revolution Undermined Knowledge via Dialogue
01:45:50 Arguing Against Self-Ownership is Arguing For Self-Ownership
01:51:12 Navigating the Territory of Property in a Collective Setting
01:56:10 Revisiting the Paradox of Contract and Conflict with Consensus
02:03:44 Bitcoin as a Proxy for Universal Solutions That Shrinks Conflict Space
02:07:39 “What is Money?” Outro

Highlight (00:56:05) to (1:03:44)

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