The "What is Money?" Show

Symbolic World of Christianity and Bitcoin with Jonathan Pageau (WiM098)

Episode Summary

Jonathan Pageau joins me for a journey into the philosophical, theological, and existential aspects of civilization and its potential reshaping through Bitcoin.

Episode Notes

Jonathan Pageau joins me for a journey into the philosophical, theological, and existential aspects of civilization and its potential reshaping through Bitcoin.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 What is Meaning?
00:07:17 What is Value?
00:09:28 Are some Value Hierarchies Objectively Better?
00:11:54 Goodness is Fittedness to Purpose
00:13:31 Are Individuals Self-Owned?
00:16:41 Free Will vs. Determinism from the Orthodox Perspective
00:19:13 Incentives are Tools
00:23:55 Humans as the Intermediaries Between Heaven and Earth
00:26:31 Bottom-Up Emergence and Top-Down Emanation
00:29:06 Collective Intelligence Is The Free Market
00:34:34 The Corruption of Money is Propelled by the Pursuit of Power?
00:37:22 Can We Ever Justify Compulsion, Coercion, and Violence?
00:40:51 Does Human Nature Disallow Libertarianism?
00:43:11 Responsibility for The Poor According to Christianity
00:48:56 Does Bitcoin Lead Us Toward “Digital Feudalism”?
00:52:18 Bitcoin as the Disruption of War Mongering?
00:54:11 How Do You Define God?
00:56:37 “Ghut”: The Etymology of The Word: “God”
00:58:25 “Paying Taxes is a Religious Sacrifice”
01:02:07 The Fragility of Modernity
01:06:51 The Coming 2029 Collapse?
01:08:40 “When the Gestapo is in the Streets…”
01:11:22 The Specter of CBDCs
01:16:16 The Power of Hyper-Mobile Capital
01:19:12 The Corrosion of Agent-Arena Relationships
01:22:02 We Have Less Scarcity Than Ever…
01:24:24 NYDIG
01:25:33 Are All Social Institutions Religious in Nature?
01:29:15 Fractals: The Intrinsic Geometry of Nature
01:33:45 The Brutal Reality of Political Power
01:36:54 “Revolution is Inevitable”
01:41:00 Gold as a Tool for Political Power
01:46:40 The Marketplace as a Macrocosmic Reflection of Mind
01:49:30 Zombie Companies and the Lack of Capitalistic Autophagy
01:55:16 The Spirit of Innovation, and Innovation as Power
01:58:49 Humanity, Mimesis, and Love
02:05:55 The Reciprocity Between Creator and Creation
02:13:09 The State as the Systemized Predation of Property
02:16:28 The Economics of Organized Violence
02:24:00 Why Bitcoin is Effectively an Evolution of the Internet
02:29:07 “In a World with Money with Infinite Money, The Finite Money Wins”
02:32:19 The Christian Interpretation of Freedom
02:40:08 The Importance of Honest Weights and Measures

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