The "What is Money?" Show

God, the role of the state, and Bitcoin with Josh Jalinski (WiM170)

Episode Notes

My friend, fellow investor and man of faith, Joshua Jalinski joins me to explore how as a Nation we are losing our sight to see God and the Christian values we were built upon and how that is leading to increased statism and confusion.

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00:00:00 - “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 - Learn About Bitcoin With Swan Private at SwanPrivate.Com
00:01:37- Josh’s Background & How They Met
00:04:13 - What Is Sphere Sovereignty?
00:08:03 - God being replaced by Gov
00:11:13 - Describing the nihilist impulse
00:14:49 - Is lack of faith giving lead to false idols?
00:23:02 - The challenge of conveying meaning in language
00:27:12 - Explaining the “righteousness of God”
00:30:12 - The meaning of the word “Gospel”
00:32:57 - How did we go from “equity & private property” to a “debt based money”?
00:39:14 - The rejection of faith due to wrongful association
00:42:09 - Material abundance creating division from faith
00:46:05 - History showing how statism leads to failed societies
00:48:57 - Issues with associating identity & faith with statism
00:54:52 - How are the rich continuing to getting richer?
00:56:05 - Watch "Hard Money With Natalie Brunell" from Swan Studios & Bitcoin Magazine!
00:56:51 - Take Control of Your Healthcare with Crowd Health!
00:57:59 - Central Banking Being The Root Cause Of Division
01:00:47 - What Is Fiat From A Biblical Perspective?
01:04:48 - Lack of Justice In The Last Century
01:08:34 - Covenants, Truth & Bitcoin
01:14:21 - How Do We Get Back To A Balanced Society?
01:17:38 - “The Cult of Democracy”
01:23:08 - Homeschooling & The Issues With Public Education's Agenda
01:29:04 - Is Statism A Necessary Evil?
01:33:28 - The Need For The Ability To Self-Govern
01:38:58 - Explaining “The Materialist World View”
01:41:27 - Complexities Of The “Materialist World View”
01:44:48 - Human Imagination & The Meaning Of The Word “Agape” In Christianity
01:46:54 - “Agape” & Humans Need For A Covenant
01:50:43 - What Can We Do To Change Where We’re At?
01:54:39 - The Definition Of “Man”
01:58:26 - The Need For The Pursuit Of Private Property To Enhance Others Lives
02:02:23 - What Are The Inalienable Rights?
02:06:03 - Are Statism & Christianity Becoming Wrongfully Intertwined?
02:12:00 - Getting Beyond Statism With The Ability To Opt Out With Bitcoin.
02:13:58 - Where To Find Josh!

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