The "What is Money?" Show

Bitcoin, Truth, and Power with Erik Cason (WiM122)

Episode Notes

Erik Cason Joins me for an in-depth conversation exploring some of his written works and Kantian philosophy related to the nature of truth and power in the context of Bitcoin’s emergence.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 The Military Value of Cryptoassets
00:05:09 Bitcoin as a Refusal of the Praxis of Violence
00:08:40 Physical Power vs. Political Power
00:11:58 The Nature of True Crypto-Sovereignty
00:16:00 Encountering Truth and Emergence of the Cyphernet
00:21:00 Money as the Prime Mover; Organizations are Applications of Money
00:25:07 The Incentives Underlying Statism
00:29:21 Satoshi as Homo Sacer
00:35:54 Satoshi as a Pioneer of a New Digital Continent
00:43:01 Bitcoin Kicking Off the “Knife Fight Between Nation-States”
00:48:37 Agape and the Encounter with the “Perfect Other”
00:57:48 Human Nature: A Core Component of Bitcoin
01:01:04 NYDIG
01:02:12 An Economic Machine of Truth Requires Proof-of-Work
01:07:54 Bitcoin is Parasiticide to Bureaucracy
01:17:05 Reimagining the Meta-Structures Superimposed on Power Relations
01:21:31 The Inversion of Politics: “Truth, Not Authority, Makes Legitimacy”
01:32:06 Physics-Rooted Encryption Bringing Humans Nearer to Natural Law?
01:40:23 Enlightenment as the Emergence of Nonage
01:47:24 All Human Decrees by Fiat are Attempts at Playing God
01:58:22 A Hopeful Vision for the Adaptation of Statism to Bitcoin
02:02:02 Enlightenment Requires the Free Use of Human Reason
02:11:11 Bitcoin as the Only Antidote to the Self-Deception of Fiat
02:16:09 3% Global Adoption as a Catalyst to Hyperbitcoinization?
02:21:21 “Righteous Anger is that which is Directed at Resolution”
02:27:11 The Risk of a Core Error in Bitcoin
02:29:20 The Paradoxical Concourse of Human Politics

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