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Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species with Brandon Quittem (WiM161)

Episode Notes

Brandon Quittem joins me for a discussion to deconstruct the often misunderstood relationship between energy and Bitcoin. This conversation also touches on points from Brandon’s article “Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species” where he uses an ecological framework to map out the abundant future of Bitcoin mining. (apologies: we lost Robert's camera footage on this episode)

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Why Use Biology and Evolution as a Lens for Bitcoin Mining?
00:05:23 Energy Kickstarts Life, Wealth, and Bitcoin
00:10:10 Who is the Scapegoat for Blame in an Unevenly Distributed Economy…
00:15:08 “Bitcoin Mining is Everything You Don’t Understand About Energy”
00:20:01 Disconnecting More Energy as More Pollution
00:24:31 Kearney, Nebraska: A Town Benefiting from Bitcoin Mining
00:28:01 Three Unique Traits of Bitcoin Miners as Attractive First and Last Resort Energy Buyers
00:35:33 How Bitcoin Miners Act as a Pioneer Species to Resurrect Deserted Land
00:38:43 Complex Systems Come From Accumulated Trade and Exchange
00:42:36 Traditional Cities and Network States: Parallels of Succession in Modern Society
00:49:42 Bitcoin Energy Sponge: More Energy is Wasted Than Consumed on an Average Day
00:56:06 The Great Spreading Out and the Concept of Self-Sovereign Network States
01:03:31 NYDIG
01:04:39 The Carrot to Warfare is Smaller in the World of Network States
01:09:23 Bitcoin Incentives and the Moral Equivalent of War
01:13:30 A Fatal Deceit is That Policy is the Only Way to Order
01:18:00 The Mining Synthesis Monetizes Energy for an Abundant Future
01:25:17 “What is Money?” Outro

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