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Bitcoin as an Incorruptible System of Value with Jordan Peterson (WiM168)

Episode Notes

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson joins for me a special edition episode exploring the philosophic implications of Bitcoin as an incorruptible system of value. This episode was recorded in front a live studio audience on April 8th, 2022 during the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami, FL.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Intro by John Vallis
00:04:38 Standup Comedy Opening by JP Sears
00:27:22 Show Intro by Robert Breedlove
00:31:52 Welcoming Jordan Peterson
00:32:39 The Concept of Fiat and the Ethical Optimality of Voluntary Games
00:43:57 Voluntary Games Optimize the Genuine Motivation of Positive Emotion
00:45:03 Fiat Currency as an Involuntary Game and its Psychological Implications
00:48:10 What Justification is there for Use of Force or Fiat?
00:52:32 “Whenever You’re Doing a Thing You Want, You’re Playing.”
00:55:50 Defining Truth (and its Antagonism to Fiat)
01:00:43 The Spirit of Truth, the Process of Inquiry, and Freedom of Speech
01:04:11 Free Speech is How Humans Contend with an Incomputable Future
01:07:11 How an Incorruptible Money Could Impact the Free Market Process
01:11:44 How The Free Market Enhances Our Relationship with Value
01:13:39 Inflation Penalizes Prudence and, In Doing So, Destroys Civilization
01:16:58 Giving Gratitude to our Sponsors
01:29:40 Controlling Speech and Money as Unerring Hallmarks of Totalitarianism
01:35:04 The Costliness of Signaling and the Sanity of Communication
01:39:18 “The Monetary Standard and Moral Standard are Inexorably Linked”
01:45:09 What are the Unexpected Consequences of Bitcoin?
01:49:00 Systemized Violations of Property and the Inducement of Irresponsibility
01:53:51 Bitcoin and The Philosopher’s Stone
02:00:15 Money is a Promise: A Contract with the Future
02:03:44 The Impact of Technological Innovation on Trust in Society
02:07:02 Christ and the Value of Absolute Truthfulness
02:10:56 The Personal Transformations Occurring in the Lives of Bitcoiners
02:13:05 Bitcoin as a Means of Detaching Exploitation From Economic Success
02:17:03 “What is Money?” Outro

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