The "What is Money?" Show

Bitcoin Fixes The Great Reset? with Chris Sullivan (WiM171)

Episode Notes

Chris Sullivan joins me for a conversation on the role Bitcoin plays in thwarting those who seek to undermine the foundations of Western Civilization—life, liberty, and property.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Learn about Bitcoin with Swan Private at SwanPrivate.Com
00:01:37 Chris’s Background
00:06:21 Chris’s Reading List on Freedom and the Humanities
00:13:01 The History of Currency Debasement
00:18:49 The Corruptibility of Money and its Influence on Warfare
00:22:02 Learning the Propaganda of Markets & Wall Street
00:29:54 Bitcoin Allows you to “Play The Game”
00:33:52 Technology Making it Easier to Manipulate Money
00:37:11 Exposing the Corruptibility of Money & Man
00:46:14 Happiness Leading to Economic Booms
00:47:36 Watch "Hard Money with Natalie Brunell" from Swan Studios & Bitcoin Magazine!
00:48:22 Take Control of Your Healthcare with Crowd Health!
00:49:30 The History & Morality of Taxation
00:53:22 Describing how Bitcoin helps Property Rights & Ownership
00:58:18 Government & Markets in a Post-Bitcoin Future
01:01:28 Explaining Futures Contracts, Bitcoin ETFs, & Commodity Trading
01:05:32 Do we need Regulation or could Free Markets Settle Financial Corruption?
01:08:00 What would our Founding Fathers say About Today?
01:13:29 Production Growth vs Asset Price Growth
01:16:00 Alternatives to our current Monetary Theory
01:18:14 Decentralization is Equivalent to Anti-Corruption
01:19:54 Truth & the Perception of New Ideas
01:22:00 Explaining Natural Law
01:25:03 Zombie Companies & Fiat Culture
01:28:45 What is the WEF?
01:29:44 Explaining “The Great Reset”
01:32:06 Debunking the need for Sustainable Energy, Solar, & Wind
01:35:26 How can an Economy Function without Private Property Rights?
01:40:07 Where to find Chris’s Work
01:41:31 “What is Money” Outro

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